Ian D. White
2008-2010                               2 years of Hudson Valley Community College.  Overall GPA: 2.93
2008                                        Advanced Regents Diploma from Columbia High School,      East                                                      Greenbush NY.
Teaching Experience
Related Teaching Experience
Spring 2010                             Volunteer at Genet Elementary School for Field Day.
Fall 2008- Spring 2010           Coaching youth soccer teams at Sportsplex of Halfmoon, Clifton                                                    park NY.  Coached both Under 8 and Under 10.
Spring 2008                             Volunteer time at local Elementary School, over 100 hours logged                                                   in the Spring semester.
Summer 2010                          Acceptance to SUNY Cortland.
Fall 2009                                 Played on Varsity Soccer team at Hudson Valley Community                                                          College.
Fall 2008                                 Achieved 3.8 GPA at Hudson Valley Community College.
Fall 2007                                 Played on the Varsity Soccer team at Columbia High School.
Fall 2010                                 Certified by the Diocese of Syracuse.